We’re obviously being a little crazy with the blog title but we see questions like these all of the time.

  • Can a mini pig wear dog clothes?
  • Can a baby goat wear dog clothes?
  • Can a cat wear dog clothes?
  • Can rabbits wear dog clothes?
  • Do dog clothes fit cats?
  • Do dog clothes fit bunnies?
  • Can I put dog clothes on rabbits? (rabbits seem to be the big question)

Having lived in Australia, I’d love to see a wombat in dog clothes. I think that would be adorable.

The answer to all of these questions is YES…if they fit. Dog clothes are made for, you guessed it, dogs. The fit and measurements are based on typical dog body sizes. That being said, many four-legged animals have somewhat similar body sizes to dogs and the clothes would work.

In addition, many of our clothes, and that of others, have short sleeves so the length of the limb doesn’t matter a great deal (which would be important for a rabbit.

So how do you know if a cat, bunny or goat can wear dog clothes? Measure your animal. You can use our ‘How to Measure Your Dog’ guide to understand the important lengths you should know. Girth, or the length around the chest of the animal, is of particular importance for fit.

As for bears, well a bear cub could probably fit but I don’t want to be the one to put the clothes on it. Good luck with that!