Have you ever avoided shopping for clothes because you already know every pair of jeans you try on isn’t going to fit the way you want? Have you said to yourself “it’s only a small hole” because the thought of searching for another shirt makes you cringe? Shopping for new things should be fun but all too often it’s not. The same is true when shopping for dog clothes. Dog clothes are cute, they’re fun, your dog loves them so how do we make it easier?

One of the trickiest parts about buying clothes for you pup, and the thing that will make or break your overall experience, is sizing. Collaroy primarily focuses on smaller breeds so while a Shih Tzu is ‘small,’ when compared to a Chihuahua it might be a Medium, or even Large. It also depends on the type of outfit you’re buying. Our Coffs Harbor Sweater has an elastic neck and will fit over even the largest dog’s head so neck isn’t a sizing factor but chest size still matters. We also know that when you’re browsing on your phone on your lunch break you probably don’t have access to a tape measure to get the specific lengths of your pup. Everyone wants to feel certain when choosing a size and nobody wants to deal with returns later. With so many things making it just a little tricky, we want to do our best to make it just a little easier.

To help you know what size sweater, t-shirt, hoodie, bandanna, etc. to buy for your best friend we’ve put together average measurements by breed for a few of the top breeds of our recent customers. Take a look at the list and if you’re dog falls into the weight range for the given breed you can use those measurements to decide on the right size for your pup. Keep in mind these are averages and will not necessarily match with your own dog. We always recommend measuring if possible but when you can’t these should help.

And, these are averages compiled from as much information as we could find. If you find that one of these is too big or too small, didn’t fit exactly right, etc. let us know. We’re always updating our own information and looking to improve.


Breeds included: basset hound, beagle, bull terrier, cairn terrier, chihuahua, dachshund, french bulldog, lhasa apso, pekingese, pomeranian, pug, schnauzer, scottish terrier, shih tzu, west highland terrier (westie), whippet, yorkshire terrier (yorkie)

We want to include more–send us your dog’s measurements and we’ll add them to the list!