We’ve had people ask recently why we focus primarily on small dog breeds so we thought we’d provide an answer (and it’s not because we hate larger dogs or don’t think they’re cute). First and foremost, we started this company with our English bulldog, Basil, in mind. She was 45 lbs. so not ‘small’ but definitely smaller and that 45 lbs. was dense. As we talked with friends and family about the business idea we got a lot of positive reactions from those with smaller dogs and we started moving forward. Through the manufacturing process we also quickly realized even small breeds require multiple sizes—trying to have a size for every breed in existence would require many, many sizes and also require us to invest more in sizes versus different types of products and designs.

Our current catalog stretches from Chihuahua to Shiba Inu. We even have a few products (the Love shirt, for example) that come in XXL and fit a full size golden doodle. The bandanas are also more versatile for sizing and look adorable on large and small breeds. But where we’ve seen the most demand both from sales but also requests and engagement is for breeds like Pomeranians, Yorkies, Dachshunds, Pugs, Frenchies, Chihuahuas, Shih Tzus, Westies, Schnauzers and Mini-Doodles. Mini-Doodles are starting to really jump most likely as a result of both the rise in mini-doodle ownership and because our main model is a mini-doodle (and he’s adorable!).

Long story short, our initial inspiration pointed us to smaller breeds and the demand has followed that decision but we also listen. We have Contact Us on every page and we really do read those submissions. If you’re looking for dog clothes and can’t find a brand that carries something for your pup, let us know. We’ll see what we can do.  And tell your friends to let us know, too. We even take suggestion on colors, designs and patterns. I can’t promise we’ll have something immediately but we love our customers and want to help. Our spring line will be out soon and hopefully you find some options there that fit your needs.

And even if we don’t have something right now, keep sending us photos of all of your adorable dogs. We love seeing what everyone is up to.