You commented and we listened (thanks for the feedback). Many of our customers mentioned the difficulty in knowing what size to get for their dog. Some of our products varied in size from one outfit to the next making it necessary to check the size chart on every product and have your dog’s measurements handy every time. As you can imagine, this led to exchanges and returns that were not fun for you or us. We strive to have the best customer experience possible, so we made some changes.

While we still cannot always tell you exactly what size will work best, we can make our sizing consistent. All our products now follow the same standard sizing. That means if you buy a small t-shirt today and later decide you want something else you can quickly get on and get a small hoodie or a small sweater or a small bandana. You never have to question size again from product to product. This will also be true from season to season. We will keep our sizing consistent for all products, all year.

We have included our standard size chart below. We list XXS through XXL, most of our products fall into XS through L.

You do still need to figure out the right size initially but after that you can rest assured that if one item fits, all items will fit. We also still have the standard dog breed size suggestions and our measuring guide to help make the initial decision. Remember that the chest size is always the most important.

Summer Collection
In addition, we had some delays in manufacturing due to COVID but our Summer Collection is almost ready. We should have everything in-stock by the end of May or early June at the latest. More to come on that but we’re super excited about our new designs. All Summer Collection products are unique to Collaroy and cannot be found anywhere else. We don’t want to spoil the surprise but let’s just say there’s some tie dye, tanks and adorable dresses, among other things. We hope you are excited, too!